Jenny Woo Talks Poker Indictments as PokerStars Figures out how to Pay Players

Written by:
Jenny Woo
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Jenny Woo

Following news Wednesday that the US Attorney’s Office out of the Southern District of New York had returned domain names for two seized online poker sites, Full Tilt and PokerStars, in order to facilitate payments, the later company announced it is in the process of working on software updates to allow for such withdrawals.

PokerStars.com support issued this notice to US players: 

We are still in the process of preparing the technical solutions and formulating the plan and processes required to allow you to cash out your balance.

Our own Jenny Woo sat down with Don Best TV on Wednesday immediately following the DOJ’s decision to allow these cashouts.  Ms. Woo has been working around the clock gathering information related to this story.  She is one of the brains behind Gambling911.com's aggressive social media project with stories breaking around the clock on our Twitter page.


Watch Jenny and Pat Williams Here

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