Internet Gambling in Denmark: “High Risk” Players Getting Tax Reform 1 January

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Aaron Goldstein
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Internet Gambling in Denmark

Long a hotbed for Internet gambling before there was even such a thing as the online poker phenomenon, Denmark is looking to institute a new tax law by 1 January.

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Land-based casino have balked at the idea that online gambling enterprises will pay 20 percent taxes while they, the brick and mortars, will be paying 41 percent.

A complaint was lodged with the European Union in regard to unfair competition. 

The Danish Gambling Authority promised the issue would be resolved this past June and that the market would be open for business come autumn. 

In the early 2000’s, Danish gamblers made up a rather large proportion of online casino players, many of whom were banned by operators for their savvy (translate: winning) play. 

No man came under greater fire than TheRx.com owner and Web casino magnate Marty Jensen.

“The Danish players are welcome but....there are higher player requirements for this particular group for them to receive and cash out any type of bonus,” he told Gambling911.com at the time. 

He added:  “If we see a "high risk" group we will impose these restrictions.I believe the Danish are in this group and also there are groups in the Russian territories that we've identified as "high risk" also.  So if the normal requirement is say 10 times, those in the "high risk" groups will have to roll over 20 times.  You know, we are protecting ourselves.  If they come in and win, they get paid and all is good.”

Jensen, at the time, claimed the Danes were often acting in collusion and specifically sought out bonuses. 

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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