Freedom to Play Poker Online: Obama Will Take Notice

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C Costigan
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A suggestion to Barack Obama to "let online poker players in the United States play legally and without fear of prosecution" that appeared on his "Citizen's Briefing Book" website has quickly been voted the second-most-popular idea and is promised to be seen by the President-elect.

Bob Pajich of points out that the initiative is gaining massive support.

"Please let all readers know to check out the Citizen Briefing website and voice their own opinion," a reader requested.

The site was set up by Obama's transition team and is designed to allow citizens to submit and promote suggestions about what issues the President-elect needs to tackle during his term, Pajich points out.

And Obama has a powerful democrat in Congress who is making this an initiative as well.

"With the Obama administration, you wouldn't see these bad regulations," Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank, told Gambling 911 in November. "Clearly we have more support opposing (these attempts to stop regulation) with more Democrats in Congress. I wish it weren't an issue but the Republicans have made it one."

The suggestion for legalizing online poker is tied in with the recent economic woes.

"Boost America's Economy with Legal Online Poker"

Poker and the online gambling sector as a whole is a multi-billion dollar industry, even though the current administration has made it difficult to join Internet poker rooms via credit card transactions.  Obama himself is a poker player.

In case you were wondering: "Bullet Trains and Light Rail" was the number one suggestion. 

Christopher Costigan, Publisher 

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