Where Can I Find Gronk's Kick of Destiny Super Bowl Prop Bet?

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Ean Lamb
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You can bet Gronk's Kick of Destiny at BetUS where he is favored to make the field goal.


This is a bit of an unusual prop bet in that it's brought to us courtesy of FanDuel.  There is one small problem.  FanDuel is not available in a number of US states.

That website is set to have former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Bucs linebacker Rob Gronkowski kicking a field goal live during the Super Bowl as part of a promotion for folks to win ten million dollars.  But here you can bet on it too and win some nice money.

The way the contest works is that any FanDuel customer who places a bet on Super Bowl LVII of at least $5 at FanDuel Sportsbook will be eligible to get a portion of the winnings if Gronk splits the uprights.

Rot     Gronk's Kick Of Destiny (Kick of Destiny Ad Only)     Moneyline
22911     Makes The Field Goal         -190
22912     Short         +185
22913     Wide Left         +175
22914     Wide Right         +275
22915     Hits Left Upright         +325
22916     Hits Right Upright         +375
22917     Hits Crossbar         +800


- Ean Lamb, Gambling911.com

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