Face the Ace, Negreanu Racism Row: G911 Readers Speak

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We know what's hot based on what everyone is talking about.  Gambling911.com readers have been especially fired up over a recent article suggesting poker pro Daniel Negreanu is a racist.  Feedback has also come in heavily related to the Saturday night poker show Face the Ace

On the Daniel Negreanu front, most of the readers disagreed with Thomas Somach's implication that Negreanu was making "racist" remarks in his blog entry last week.  The poker player had question why there was a Black Entertainment Television network and not a White Entertainment Television network.  He also questioned why Americans use the term "African American" to describe Black people living in the US.


hmmm so afrikan americans dont whant to be just americans?

cant see any sign of racism in that blog. only thing i see is some total screw´t people who piss off by the ideer of calling a afrikan-american for just a amerikan thats like to be pissed off cause u dont get a "special" stamp on u...... all the time u hear about equal rights, but equal names is not kk..... a black should be called something special even thought ur are equal? LOL If thats all u have to hear to get pissed off, then his right about naming a white network, now THAT would deffently piss someone off :D so stop trying to be special, u are nothing more or nothing less than JUST an american!


Authors IQ

You must be a pretty stupid person if yo can take a bunch of perfectly well reasoned non alarmist comments and concoct a charge of racism out of them. I'd keep your inane opinions to yourself in future. Opening your mouth like this just shows you to be an idiot.


Stupid Article

If DN was a racist why would he be watching BET and suggesting they rename it to include him in the demographic? A racist blog entry would have a much different tone. We are obviously not at a point where we can just refer to people without describing their skin color, but I think its a good goal. Does anybody include hair color or eye color when discussing someone? There are plenty of black people that don't care for BET and plenty of white people that do; black entertainment is not the best description of the channel. Nobody actually wants a WET, the point is that it is interesting that one is considered fine and the other would be ridiculous, and that it would be a better country if nobody felt a need to differentiate white Americans from black Americans. Of course there actually are differences because culturally we have been more separated than not. The fact that Urban Entertainment Television would be a better description reflects the reality that in urban areas the cultures are very intertwined, a good thing.


Lots of Ignorance Goin On'

Racist = feeling superior and hatred towards anothers race. Quote something from that blog post that shows this. You're either delusional or have a reading comprehension of zero to see racism in his words. And to compare him to Michael Richards, who flat out called black people the N-word, cmon now... give me a break!


Author has white guilt.

Dear Author, Instead of slandering Daniel Negreanu (which is exactly what you are doing), why don't you look inside and try to figure out why you have so much guilt for being white. DN said nothing racist, nothing that could even remotely come close to being racist. Unfortunately, the term racism has been used to such a cheap extent by people such as yourself over the years, that the sting of it has lost almost all meaning. Every point DN raised is true, that being the outrageous double standards that blacks are afforded in this country. He simply pointed them out, and it's his right to speak freely. You owe DN a personal and public apology. You have slandered his good name over trivial nonsense. You're a disgrace.


Then there is Face The Ace, a program everyone is still talking about though its ratings are relatively low, pulling in a mere 1 million plus viewers the past two weekends it has aired. 



No offense against the host but who is he? I play poker alot so don't watch tv that often.... and when i do watch it usually have to do with poker... where is the gorgeous shanna hiatt? also the way the blinds raise up at every 3 hands no wonder the pros are going all-in when they have an Ace or a king... anyone can beat the pros at this rate!



I really wanted this show to work. I think it could've been fun, but I agree that the host takes a lot away from the show.




Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor

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