Comparing eSports to Poker - There is No Comparison....Yet

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May/24/2016 has your latest eSports gaming and fantasy sports news and latest odds listed below.  All odds courtesy of our friends at, now serving the sports betting public since 1997 and featuring the best cash bonuses on the Net

The quick expansion of esports is very real and supported around the world.

Comparing eSports to Poker - There is No Comparison....Yet - The esports industry is undoubtedly becoming big business, which has led some to wonder just how big it has grown and the extent that it may expand in the future.  One recent analysis compares eSports with poker and has determined that the esports industry is estimated to grow by 43% in 2016, from $325 million in total industry value to $463 million. While impressive, poker’s popularity has pushed an online gambling industry around the world to reach an estimated value of over $40 billion.

eSports Gambling Becoming a Big Business - It is now impossible to ignore not only the prominence, but also the staying power, of eSports. In the past month, Newzoo published data for eSports viewership on Twitch, which indicates that eSports content makes up 21.3% of all hours spent on the platform. Furthermore, brands are buying in. Bud Light recently announced its first ever eSports program, titled “Bud Light All-Stars,” bringing together top eSports athletes from across North America in an effort to get involved in the growing space.  The next frontier, which is already taking shape, is gambling on eSports competition.

E-Sports Gambling: A Market In Its Infancy - “E-Sports is becoming a much more prominent sector of our entertainment society,” said Scott Cooley, employee at in an interview with CGM’s Editor in Chief Brendan Frye. “You find major networks like ESPN televising it now and arenas are selling out in minutes to these big events, it’s a really exciting event to watch. Much like a football or basketball game, the viewers can really get engaged in it and history has told us for thousands of years wherever there are two or more people competing, gambling is a given outcome.”

eSports Conference Planned for LA June 13 - The most important conference and expo covering the esports business will take place on June 13, 2016 at the Sportsmen's Lodge Events Center in Los Angeles.
The one day event precedes the E3 gaming megashow, also in L.A.. The event will cover the business of eSports. It is for eSports owners, operators and executives. Panels with peers and experts in the field will present.  Topics covered will include:
Gaming Software Development, eSports Issues, Venture Capital, Team Sponsorships, Tournaments, Manufacturing, (Accessories), Game Structure...and others Go Here For More Info  (See Video Below)

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