The doors of the former Revel Casino of Atlantic City will reopen!

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The doors of the former Revel Casino of Atlantic City will reopen!

That is some surprising news. The most expensive hotel-casino of Atlantic City, that cost $2.4 billions to build, is going to reopen some of its parts. Shut down in September 2014, the former Revel Casino may not be completely dead yet.

Located at the end of the Bordwalk in AC, the Revel Casino was the most expensive casino in the city. The story began in April 2, 2012 when the casino opened its doors for the first time.

Since then, the love story went pretty bad. The casino never turned in profit and went in bankruptcy two times. Only two years after it’s opening, the venue closed its doors for good.

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About Revel, a little bit of hope came back last April thanks to the Florida businessman Glenn Straub who bought the casino out of bankruptcy for $82 million.


In secret, Straub was planning to reopen some parts of the casino. He finally told the media that the venue would open 500 hotel rooms as well as all the restaurants, as Fox5 indicates us.

A gaming floor is planned to be open despite the fact that the casino’s license application is not complete yet.

One thing is sure; the property won’t keep its name, indeed, Revel will disappear but the new name hasn’t been decided yet.

As a sign of recovery, the huge ball atop the building was illuminated for a while. A computer program gives bright colors to the ball that could be seen from miles.


Let’s see now if the curious will come to see the new casino and if there is a future for this expensive venue!



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