DOJ Asks for Leniency for Absolute Poker Executive

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C Costigan
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DOJ Asks for Leniency for Absolute Poker Executive

The US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York have requested a reduced sentenced for an executive of Absolute Poker who they say has been fully cooperative following charges of money laundering and bank fraud in April 2011. 


Brent Beckley’s sentencing has been postponed on a number of occasions already.  Beckley acted as an executive for both Absolute Poker and 

Presiding federal judge Lewis A. Kaplan has recommended a much harsher sentence than the 12-18 months suggested by prosecutors. 

Assistant US Attorney Devlin-Brown wrote in his brief: “Unlike some in the industry (including co-defendants and otherwise), Beckley has never disputed that lying to banks about what payments are for is wrong, or that the underlying gambling business is illegal. Rather than offer tortured explanations for such conduct (or simply trying to evade capture), Beckley simply owned up to it. Returning to the United States for this purpose, knowing that he faced the prospect of prison, suggests that Beckley seeks to draw a line under the past, accept the punishment that comes with it, and move on with his life.”

Devlin-Brown added:  “There is no evidence that Beckley intended to cause ultimate financial losses to banks, and no banks have identified for the Government actual losses attributable to Absolute Poker processing.”

Beckley’s latest sentencing date was supposed to have taken place June 28.

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