Dog Gone It! Bodog Founder Chooses One-Eyed Mongrel Over New “Girl Friend”

Written by:
Jagajeet Chiba
Published on:
Calvin Ayre Dog

While it can be argued there are times it is hard to distinguish some of Bodog’s colorful founder Calvin Ayre’s girlfriends from man’s best friend, couldn’t help but get a kick out of one recent incident that took this concept to a whole new realm whereby Ayre was forced to choose between two bitches, one of whom had only a single eye.

Lucky, a Costa Rican street dog, was rescued by Calvin’s sister a few years back and now resides with Ayre in his expansive compound on the outskirts of San Jose, Costa Rica.  He is a beautiful short-haired mutt with big pointy ears, who, Ayre confesses, has gotten up close and personal with some of his bevy of beauties. 

“He likes p****,” Ayre quipped, and he wasn’t referring to the family cat.

But not everyone it seems is attracted to this disheveled beast.

“One day I brought this ‘date’ back to may place and she made the comment ‘What is such an ugly dog doing in such a beautiful place like this’,” Ayre tells us.  “Needless-to-say, I had someone call her a taxi, gave her some money and sent the girl on her way back home.”

There is a reason he was given the name “Lucky”.  Few Costa Rican street dogs go on to live in such rich surroundings.  There are many of them too.

In Costa Rica , you will find a rather large number of unwanted, abandoned street dogs in almost every town. Spaying and Neutering seems almost nonexistent here.   Costa Ricans who become annoyed with the neighbor’s dog may solve the problem by putting out some poisoned meat.  That won’t happen to Lucky though as the Bodog Compound is located in a gate community and self-equipped with armed security. 

As for Lucky’s eye, Ayre says that it happened so long ago when he was just a baby that Lucky probably thinks he is a “normal” dog.

Nothing “normal” for a dog living in the Bodog compound, we would argue.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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