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Cruise Ship gambling Western Australia

Here's some unusual news for Australia.  Cruise ships off Western Australia are going to allow gambling.

Ahoy and G'day punters, gaming and casino millionaires, billionaires, legal eagles, law enforcement officials, politicians and everyone else. Today we sail the high seas with cruise ships off Western Australia where gambling is permitted. Media Man and Gambling911 with your daily dose of Australian news. 

Cruise Ships In Western Australia Allowed Floating Casinos...

Cruiseliners aka cruise ships or cruisers, visiting WA are now able to operate on-board casinos, following an agreement between the State Government and Burswood Casino. High regarded Racing and Gaming Minister Terry Waldron yesterday announced the signing of a formal agreement with the operators of the Burswood Casino to lift the long-standing prohibition on cruise ships conducting casino gaming while in WA waters.

"Under the previous Casino Agreement, cruise ships were required to close down their casino when they entered WA waters," Waldron went on the record with.

"This restriction was more about preventing so called ‘cruises to nowhere’, a Media Man and friends favorite, where the principal aim of the cruise was to sail out behind Rottnest and conduct gaming for two or three days to avoid the State’s tough stance on gaming machines in the community."

He said with the surged interest in cruise ship travel, Fremantle and other WA ports had become extremely regular stops on the cruise ship calendar and the gaming restriction was proving quite a drawback for local tourism.

"Burswood Casino has agreed to the restriction being lifted provided gambling cruises to nowhere could still be prevented. This has been achieved by the new agreement," he said.

The terms of the agreement provide that gaming - gambling may occur as long as the vessel has a minimum capacity of 100 passengers, is conducting a scheduled deepwater cruise, is transiting through WA ports from and to locations overseas or interstate, and gaming takes place outside a distance of 12 nautical miles from the WA baseline.

The actual amendment to the Casino Agreement will be submitted to State Parliament for ratification later on this year, however with the consent of Packer's Burswood Casino, the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor is advising cruise ship operators of the revised gaming restrictions which will apply almost immediately.

Gambling on the water and getting lost in the excitement of it all. For some its others, while others may think its hell. Us, sounds like paradise, just as long as we have enough on us to keep feeding the tables and favorite slots like Cleopatra, Black Rhino, Gone Fishing, Shipwreck, Treasures Of The Deep, Metropolis, 20,000 Leagues, Octopus's Garden, Coral Cash, Cash Cruise and Queen Of The Nile. Some passionate gamblers will also be looking to bring aboard their smartphones and satellite computers where they can access igaming sites like those from PartyGaming, Centrebet and Betfair. Party is still our top pick, in case you were wondering and you were looking out to the sunset, while taking in the ocean breeze.

Richard Branson's Virgin Cruises also made a splash in Australia a few years ago, but its understood that gaming facilities were not provide by them at that time, but if anyone hears any different, please let us know. We think PartyGaming's online casino might be having more luck that Branson's big boats down under, but let us know ocean and gambling lovers, and if you run into Paul The Octopus' cousin, know for being savvy with betting odds and such, say G'day.

Fair winds sailors, passengers and boat babes, and let us know how lady luck treats you out on the water.

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