Craigslist Ex-Congressman Was in Favor of Legalized Internet Gambling in Some Forms

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Craigslist Congressman

Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.) resigned Wednesday after being caught up in a Craigslist ad scandal. posted the married Congressman’s ad proclaiming him to be a “fit and fun 6 ft. blonde with blue eyes”.  He was apparently looking for a date.  Yes, the now former Congressman appeared bare-chested.

For Internet gambling aficionados, this could be seen as a bit of a blow.  Finding Republicans in favor of legalized online gambling in the US is no easy chore.  Lee was one who did not object to legalization.

While his voting record on the subject was not immediately available at the time of publication, Lee has said in the past that he is okay with online gambling done by debit card, but thought people could get in trouble gambling via the unsecured loan of a credit card.

Lee at one time considered bringing up an amendment to proposed legislation asking for the prevention of credit card usage for deposits.

The Financial Services Committee spent much of 2009 dealing with the repercussions of mass defaulting on credit card balances.

Lee’s position on the matter is certainly sensible, all things considered.

What has some gasping for air is word that Lee proposed legislation related to child safety on the Internet. 

A critical observation he made in drafting the Student Internet Safety Act (H.R. 780), a number of alarming trends with regards to teen Internet usage included that Sixty-four percent post photos or videos of themselves.

The primary message Lee wanted to get across: Private information and images can so easily be transmitted to friends and strangers alike.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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