Bookies Best Showing Ever: College Football Blood Bath

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C Costigan
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The online bookmakers are off to their biggest start ever with this College Football season continuing to bring much pain to the sports betting public. 

Just like with Weeks One and Two, the bookies had a near flawless showing.  Week Three allowed some games to go the betting public's way.

"We have never seen anything like this ever!" declared Tyrone Black of 

Five of the most heavily backed College Football games went against the betting public on Saturday including three major upsets.  Wins by Virginia Tech, Oregon, South Florida, Wisconsin and Georgia Tech helped generate some of the best revenue for online bookmakers in recent years.  Only Minnesota U allowed the sports betting public some relief Saturday. won with both its Week 4 College predictions after breaking even last week.  Virginia Tech and Missouri were the two plays.

So far the NFL season has been evenly balanced between the bookies and sports bettors for the most part.

Christopher Costigan, Publisher 

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