Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Technology has Just Been Released.

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Feb/14/2013 is the first fully automated and cheat-proof lottery system that is the first fully automated and cheat-proof lottery system that features provably fair technology based on the Bitcoin Blockchain. It promises to revolutionize the online gambling industry.

San Jose, Costa Rica, February 13, 2013 - is the first and only 100% online lottery system which exclusively uses the new digital currency Bitcoin and relies on an innovative gaming platform that utilizes independent cryptographic algorithms to obtain the winning numbers. The particularity of these algorithms is the use of the new Bitcoin Blockchain and the use of a third party (Twitter) to mathematically generate the winning numbers. This makes the system 100% cheat proof and ensures that it can be verified by anyone at any time.

Offering an average of 144 draws per day, where each draw corresponds to one Bitcoin Block,, besides being the first website of its kind, promises to become the leading force in Bitcoin Lottery Systems. For lottery lovers out there, the best news is that the purchase of a ticket of only 0.01 BTC will allow players the  opportunity to win an average Jackpot of around 5,000 Bitcoins ($100,000 according to the Jan 2013 exchange rate of $20.00). Jackpots sometimes even exceed 10,000 Bitcoins ($200,000). What’s more, there will be two other pools with prizes which will allow players to get prizes for matching at least one number. There are no game limits and every draw is completely anonymous: no need to download software, register, or sign up anywhere.

The odds of winning prizes in are much higher than in the traditional lottery. Many traditional lottery players, both of online and offline lotteries, will enjoy the enhanced possibilities offered by this new lottery platform based on the Bitcoin Blockchain, since they can quickly become winners and also may participate in more than 140 daily draws.

The odds of becoming winners are:

o   4 Matches Odds : 1 in 3,921,225

o   3 Matches Odds : 1 in 10,211

o   2 Matches Odds : 1 in 143

o   1 Matches Odds : 1 in 6.86

Another point worth noting, which separates from any other lottery, is that all prizes are paid automatically without deducting any transaction fees and are paid within the hour. Bitcoin technology provides these advantages among many others - transactions are 100% secure and instant, as well as 100% anonymous. has gone to great lengths to ensure that funds in pools and sold tickets are 100% transparent; they can be verified at any time. Bitcoins for all the pools are stored in independent addresses that can be verified by anyone at any time and will never be moved for any other purpose than to make payments to winners. is the first online lottery game based 100% on the New Cryptocurrency Technology; it will change the way people play lottery games while paving the way for lottery systems worldwide.

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