The Best of Tuesday’s Poker Twitters (or Tweets)

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Twitter is all the rage these days and quite a few of your favorite poker pros are Tweeting (or as Annie Duke might say, "Doing Twat").'s own Jenny Woo is even on Twitter.

Twitter offers us an inside and sometimes revealing look at what some of the world's most famous poker pros are up to.

Phil Hellmuth: "I just landed in L. A. Shooting commercials for UB ( ) the next two days."

Liz Lieu:  "What an Easter Day .. all I found were rotten eggs!"

Maria Ho:  "Only God himself can make me wake up at 8 in the morning after I crawled into bed drunk at 3 in the morning the night before.  My best friend threw up all over my other friends dress."

Doyle Brunson:  "Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  It's been a while but still have fond memories of Jesus.  Was a wonderful man I tell you."

Michelle Lewis:  "I hope the fast and the furious part 11 increases the demand for my husband's sexy big black____. can't. take. much. more. matza."

Annette Obrestad: "Omg my bed feels like a cloud now after the hard concrete-like beds in Thailand!"

Peter Jepsen: "If you see a guy, wearing nothing but a black plastic bag, begging for money on the strip - give me money, please."

Christina Lindley: "Wow juliette lewis is hot and on my flight with two of her girlfriends headed to vegas lol.  Am I going to Hell?"

David Williams:  "Any of you guys like gay fish sticks?"

Vanessa Rousso: "Today is a brand new day! :)got sun, took the best shower ever, my mom made me some oatmeal, and now I'm watchin NBC heads up."

Daniel Negreanu: "Playing online and listening to Mike Matusow bad beat stories. Yikes, now I really have a headache."

Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor

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