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Jenny Woo
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Barney Frank Senior Reporter, Jenny Woo, recently went to Washington, DC where she met up with a handful of important allies in the fight to legalize online gambling, among them chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Democrat Barney Frank, who these days is seen as one of the most busiest men in Congress.

Fresh from his big blowout interview with Fox News Bill O'Reilly, Woo was a lot easier on Barney Frank, and with good reason. The Internet gambling industry - while initially suspect of anyone in power - places Congressman Frank on a pedestal.

"He's great to have in your corner," said one sportsbook operator, who wished not to be named.

Woo also met up with Republican Congressman, Ron Paul. It's interesting to note that both Barney Frank and Ron Paul were perhaps the most visible (not to mention vocal) Congressmen during discussions to have a controversial "Wall Street Bailout" package passed. Frank and Paul were on opposite sides of the spectrum in this regard: Barney Frank pushed for its passage while Ron Paul voted against it. But on the issue of online gambling, the two men from opposite parties came together and co-sponsored a bill seeking regulation of the multi billion dollar industry.

Frank had great things to say about Ron Paul.

"He's a libertarian and he's actually one of the honest one's who really want to help low income people and when it comes to interfering with people's freedoms," Frank said. "Ron and I worked together on legalizing marijuana and on opposing some restrictions on free speech. I refer to him as being a very good ally; he's a very non-hypercritical conservative."

Congressman Frank believes that an Obama administration will help to bring about legalized online gambling.

"That (an Obama win) would be much better with more Democrats. Much more support. I also think with the Obama administration you wouldn't see these bad regulations. But what the Bush people try to do is to get this one done very hastily and with little preparation so legislation is in place when the Obama administration takes over. But clearly we have more support with more Democrats in Congress. I wish it weren't an issue but the Republicans have made it one."

More of Jenny Woo's interview with Barney Frank will appear on this coming Monday. So watch for it here


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