Spring Broke: Backlash Over CAP Cancun Online Gambling Debacle

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C Costigan
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Spring Break

The 16 affiliate members and sponsors of CAP (Casino Affiliate Programs) who made it to Cancun, Mexico, have expressed outrage after spending large sums of money to fly down to an event that appeared to be cancelled - or at the very least, disorganized.

As Gambling911.com reported on Sunday, affiliates began arriving over the weekend and soon discovered that all the events, including a volleyball game, were cancelled.

"It's cost everyone thousands and has left a very bad taste in everyone's mouths," one affiliate posted on the Casino Affiliate Programs posting forum.  "I feel really bad for the 11 guys (and gals) here. I thought I must have missed something here in a thread or email, but I didn't. Thankfully we all have hooked up and most haven't traveled 5000 miles and an entire day to get here. The hotel, weather and people are wonderful."

The news comes at a time where CAP internal issues have caused at least one organizer, Lou Fabiano, to part ways with the group.  The last CAP event in London resulted in a series of physical brawls that made the pages of Gambling911.

"Yea the turnout on this event hasn't been the best," said another affiliate who showed up.  "All sound people being here so we will probably sort something good out, but a few more people wouldn't hurt. $30 for a bottle of sun screen doesn't make your day any brighter ."

Conference organizer, Warren Jolly, attempted to explain the mishap.

"We did intend on having several fun activities and small gatherings sponsored at CAP Spring Break. Due to the recent challenges we've faced as well as the change in management, these events could not be organized. We intentionally didn't cancel CAP Spring Break at the request of several people that were already attending and figured it would be a good thing to go back to the old format where it was more of an informal meetup.

"There was a miscommunication between our team and London on who would deliver this message and I do apologize if it was never sent out to the registered attendees."

No matter how you look at it, this event was a complete bust. 

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher


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