Avoiding Legal Trouble with Pay Per Head Solutions

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Matt Skinner
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Avoiding Legal Trouble with Pay Per Head Solutions

Sports betting in the United States is a billion dollar industry, but other than in the state of Nevada it also has some serious legal challenges especially when it comes to the actual financial transactions in the act of taking bets.

The US Government traditionally does not concern themselves with the people placing sports bets, but they have taken issue in the past with anyone taking bets. While there are laws on the books concerning the legality of sports betting, the real issue lies in enforcement of those laws. The biggest focal point for the government going after any illegal operations has been the paper trail left by any money changing hands within its area of jurisdiction.

Any legitimate Pay Per Head service such as Premier Per Head operates in an environment where sports betting has been deemed to be legal. Most times this is offshore in a country such as Costa Rica. Premier Per Head has well over 100 years of combined bookmaking experience and its staff have been legally operating a PPH service for independent bookmaking agents for the past 14 years.

Not only does it make complete sense for any sports bookmaker to align themselves with a quality PPH service such as Premier to handle the bulk of the administrative tasks that go into taking sports bets, it makes all the sense in world to avoid any legal troubles that could arise if they try and operate a bookmaking business completely on their own in the United States.

When you run your sports bookmaking business through a quality PPH services you can remove these legal concerns from your plate seeing how all the business transactions take place in a jurisdiction that is free from any pending legal concerns. Premier Pay Head’s highly trained and highly experienced team of customer service representatives man a state-of-the-art call center that is available on a round the clock basis to handle your customer’s accounts.

From making deposits and withdrawals to placing bets, Premier conducts all transactions in a safe and secure online environment. We have made a major investment over the years in the best sports gaming software in the industry that is not only customizable to your business needs and easy to use for both yourself as an agent and your entire customer base, it has been built with dozens of security measures than ensures the privacy and protection of everyone’s personal information.

- Matt Skinner, Gambling911.com

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