Advise Your Online Gambling Clients to Block Kentucky?

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C Costigan
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Kentucky Online Gambling

Noted online gambling attorney I. Nelson Rose was recently quoted in Poker News Daily as saying he would want his clients to block access to the state of Kentucky.

A Franklin County Circuit Court judge ruled that 141 online gambling domain names are to be forfeited over to the commonwealth if they fail to block access to Kentucky citizens.

But are we talking about China or Kentucky here?

"I can't decide if Nelson Rose is an idiot, a coward, or both," commented an industry analyst who wished not to be named.

Rose: I would advise my clients to block Kentucky residents. There is no real downside to doing that. Kentucky isn't a major market. The Judge made it clear if companies didn't block Kentucky residents, then their name will be forfeited. You don't want to become the test case. All you're giving up is the little market of Kentucky. If a bunch of other states start copying, then you have to fight it, but for now, you have to leave the market even though Kentucky might be in the wrong.

"So, let's get this straight: even though what Kentucky did was wrong, Rose recommends just going along with what Kentucky demands (blocking gaming traffic in and out of their state). But if more states do it, then you fight it?

"Great logic. Why fight one expensive, principled battle against an over-reaching government when you can fight multiple expensive, principled battles against over-reaching governments?

"Thank goodness most of the domain owners do not seem inclined to take that kind of legal advice."


Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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