2009 Super Bowl Betting: Jenny Woo Says Go With Gatorade

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Jenny Woo
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2009 Super Bowl betting is in full swing with a paralyzing number of people expected to bet the big game come Sunday.  The most overlooked of the Super Bowl betting options may be among the best paying.

Among my personal favs.

I love the Gatorade.

Well, not really.  To me it's always tasted a bit like female sweat combined with the aftertaste of some outdated fruit juice that's been laying around a few years.  Give me Tang any day of the week.

But when it comes to 2009 Super Bowl betting, the Gatorade is truly helping to quench my thirst.

What color will the Super Bowl Gatorade be that gets splashed on the coach?  That's a bet that pays big dividends. 

Oh God, there are flavors here I didn't know existed.

Yellow pays $100 for every $100 bet.  Then Sports Interaction starts to get really generous with their Gatorade odds offering.  Orange pays $400 for every $100 bet.  Green pays $500 for every $100 bet.  Red pays $800 while Blue pays $1000!  Clear is the favorite, by the way, paying nearly even odds, and here I am scratching my head wondering why I've never seen clear Gatorade before.

One of the best bets around is no longer available.  Rolling Stone is taking the blame for this one and a lot of gamblers want to stone the mag.  You can't bet on what songs Bruce Springsteen will sing during his Super Bowl halftime gig.

Rolling Stone broke the news midweek that Springsteen would be performing a set that was not specifically named by online sportsbooks the likes of Sportsbook.com, and that meant the likelihood of "Other" or the "Field" option paying out around $500 for every $100 bet.

One of the best performers in the world and someone everyone seems to be looking forward to - Springsteen promises a 12 minute set but nobody knows for sure what he'll be singing.  Gambling911.com and Yours Truly believe "The Rising" is a given though. 

The other popular bet on the song front is the Jennifer Hudson national anthem and whether it goes over or under an allotted time frame.  Those oddsmakers at BetUS.com finally had a good reason to watch my infamous pillow fight with Gambling911.com transgender reporter, Sparky Collins.  It was there they could study actual performances of the national anthem by Ms. Hudson and review the time frames.  A tear or two of joy before this huge embracing crowd means an OVER 2 minutes and 3 seconds in the Jenny Woo 2009 Super Bowl betting playbook. 

Jenny Woo, Gambling911.com Senior International Correspondent

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