Former Spokesperson Brook Burke in Legal Trouble

Written by:
Jordan Bach
Published on:
Brooke Burke

The former spokeswoman for the online gambling site and judge on Dancing With The Stars, Brooke Burke, has been named in a lawsuit that alleges she and her live-in boyfriend received stolen property. 

The incident occurred in 2007, a year after leaving her employment with’s own Carrie Stroup replaced Ms. Burke.

She was questioned regarding household items purchased from a store employee, apparently without the store’s knowledge.

The lawsuit claims Burke and her boyfriend, David Charvet (star of Baywatch), received $70,000 worth of merchandise from EuroConcepts for their Malibu, California home but only paid half that price.

An alleged email sent to Burke by the employee, Zalfa "Zee" Halaby, read: "Please make out check to my name: Zee Halaby So I could pay the Vedor (Vendor)."

An attorney for EuroConcept claims that no money was ever received by the store itself from Burke or Chavet for the merchandise in question – Jordan Bach reporting for  

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