Why Online Bookies Should Offer Cross-Sport Parlays for Super Bowl 52

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There are multiple reasons why an online bookie agent should promote a Super Bowl 52 Cross-Sport Parlay.

Before setting up cross-sport parlays, online bookies should ensure they have the proper tools in order to continue to cash-in on all Super Bowl 52 bets. PayPerHead.com is still offering their Prime Package for the same price as their Professional Package.

So, for just $10 per head, bookies will be set with premium tools, and quality care from the PayPerHead team.

Back to the reasons to offer cross-sport parlays, check out the 4 reasons below!

Reason #1 To Offer Super Bowl Cross-Sport Parlays

Most sports handicappers are experts with a sport – Most sports handicappers are experts at handicapping one sport. NBA handicappers aren’t great at handicapping football. NHL handicappers almost never look to handicap NBA basketball.

Cross-Sports Parlays take expert sports handicappers out of their comfort zone. Whenever a sports handicapper is out of his or her comfort zone, a couple of things happen:  

  1. It takes exponentially longer to handicap the game.
  2. The likelihood of making mistakes becomes much higher.

Reason #2

Many sports handicappers aren’t just experts on a specific sport.

They’re also experts on a specific team in a specific sport – Most sports handicappers key on a single team when creating parlays.

Some sports handicappers will only make straight wagers on the same team. They become experts on a specific team.

The likelihood of a pay per head agent including that specific team in a cross-sports Super Bowl 52 promoted parlay is close to non-existent.

The reason is because creating the optimal cross-sports parlay requires the following:

  1. NBA against the spread game – Only include games where the spread is likely to be a few points one way, or another. This forces bettors to spend time handicapping the NBA game.
  2. NHL money line game – Find a match where the dog can upset the favorite. Not will, can. As the pay per head agent, you must offer above normal parlay odds to encourage action on any cross-promoted parlays. Don’t give any freebie games.
  3. NCAAB against the spread game – Handle this like the NBA game. Find the most competitive game possible. Add that to the cross-promoted parlay.

Reason #3

Super Bowl 52 is inherently difficult to handicap – Remember, you’re offering a cross-sports parlay that includes a single football game. Bettors can’t decide what football game to include into the promoted parlay.

Not only does it include a single football game, the football game it includes is inherently difficult to handicap.

Reason #4

Cross-Sports Promoted Parlay Odds – The key is to offer odds above Vegas odds. If it’s a 4-team parlay, make sure to offer odds above 11 to 1. Offer at least 12 to 1.

Online bookie agents should consider offering odds up to 16 to 1. The fair odds on a 4-team parlay chosen by the bookie is 20 to 1 at least.

Follow the above advice and make sure to cash-in on your Super Bowl 52 Cross-Sports Promoted Parlay!

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