Who Will Start Week 1 For The Browns: Profitable Bets for Online Bookie Agents

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The Cleveland Browns currently have 4 quarterbacks on the roster. No QB on the roster appears to have a big edge over any other QB to become the starting quarterback on opening day.

What it means is that pay per head agents might see action on all Cleveland quarterbacks to become the starter.

Cleveland Browns Starting QB Odds

Cody Kessler               -165

Brock Osweiler           +130

DeShone Kizer            +800

Kevin Hogan               +1600

Any other QB              +800

Cody Kessler ended last season as Cleveland’s starting quarterback. He’s offering odds commiserate with a second-year starter, -165, that doesn’t have that many QB skills.

The problem with backing Kessler is there’s no money there. Also, Kessler might not have the skills that coach Hugh Jackson believes he can develop.

Brock Osweiler got the starting nod for Cleveland’s first NFL Preseason game. How he performs in that game could determine whether he gets the keys to the Browns VW bug of an offense in Week 1.

Osweiler is an iffy proposition for most players due to his complete meltdown with Houston last season.

DeShone Kizer is a rookie. The one reason players like Kizer’s chances at 8 to 1 of getting the starting nod is due to Cleveland’s excellent offensive line.

The reason many players are going to bypass wagering on Kizer at 8 to 1 is because Kizer is a rookie.

Jackson most likely sees him as the future. It’s doubtful he puts Kizer in harm’s way before the former Notre Dame QB is ready.

At 16 to 1, Kevin Hogan offers long shot odds. Hogan most likely ends up on the practice squad.

Although, if Osweiler performs well, don’t look past Cleveland trading Osweiler, starting Hogan, and then putting both Kessler and Kizer on the bench.

Any other QB is a pass. Cleveland should start one of the quarterbacks currently on their roster.

Who Will Peak Interest?

The only run online bookie agents are likely to see should be on Brock Osweiler. Osweiler has the most starting experience.

He’s offering odds above even money, making him attractive to both casual and pro players. A run on Osweiler might happen.

The other quarterbacks listed will attract some attention. It won’t be a lot of attention.

To be safe, pay per head agents are encouraged to set max betting limits on all Cleveland Brown starting quarterback propositions.   


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