Where Can I Bet the Super Bowl From Utah, Colorado, New Mexico

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You can bet this year’s Super Bowl from the Southwestern states of Utah, Colorado and New Mexico but keep in mind that one of these states, Utah, does not permit any form of gambling, not even lotteries. 

The fan base in this region tend to be primarily Denver Broncos fans though the Dallas Cowboys do enjoy a flourishing fan base in the state of New Mexico.  The largest fan base in New Mexico’s biggest city of Albuquerque follows the Cowboys with the Broncos a close second.  The Broncos, Cowboys and 49ers enjoy a solid following in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Regardless of what team this region follows, everybody and their mother will be betting on the Super Bowl, maybe a little less so in Utah.

Many local bookies opt to utilize offshore Pay Per Head services in order to run their business outside of these states.

Colorado is one of the few states that makes simple gambling a petty crime and aggravated gambling a misdemeanor.

New Mexico makes simple gambling a misdemeanor, as does Utah but both states make aggravated gambling a felony.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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