Where Can I Bet On Football Online: 2011 – 2012

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Dan Shapiro
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Bet On Football Online

Where can I bet on football online in 2011 through 2012?

From the United States you will want to try out Bookmaker, the oldest established North American sportsbook on the Web today.  Heading into the new football season, Bookmaker was offering a 25 percent signup bonus up to $2500!  They were also offering live betting and mobile apps for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.  Mobile betting at this company now accounts for more than 20 percent of wagering.

Bookmaker is known for often being the first sportsbook to release lines on major US sports events including football and basketball, even before Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, local bookmakers in the United States like IDSca were offering their management services online and giving away free iPads based on the number of clients.  Pay per head businesses have exploded following the exodus of a few major online sportsbooks from the US market in recent months.  BetUS.com, one of the biggest, has already advised Gambling911.com they will not be re-entering the US market this upcoming football season. 

And football is not all about the NFL and college games.  888Sport.com was already going full throttle with the start of the England Premier League season and European football. 

In addition to the FREE €50 in bets, 888Sport.com was offering, a €5 “no lose” bet using one’s mobile device and a FREE €50 if a goal is scored during the 88th minute.  888Sport.com offers great betting options and odds.   US bettors are prohibited at this time. 

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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Under Action Lopsided on Sunday's Week 4 Broncos-Bears Game

Under Action Lopsided on Sunday's Week 4 Broncos-Bears Game

Bookies will be paying close attention to the total action on the Broncos-Bears game Sunday as 85% of the action was on the UNDER (better that $100K in cash).  The OVER was seeing barely $30K.  And here's the rub: The number keeps moving up.  From 46 to 46.5, the wrong direction.