What Will Happen First on Stage Halftime Show Super Bowl Prop Bet Payout

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Jordan Bach
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In addition to all the great prop bets on Rihanna, including which song she performs first, there are also bets on what will happen first on stage.

What will happen first on stage?          

Pyrotechnics                                         (+135)

Umbrella Used as a Prop                       (+250)

Football Used ∂uas a Prop                     (+325)

Shown Wearing a Bathing Suit               (+450)

Wardrobe Malfunction                          (+575)

Cover Song                                           (+700)


Pyrotechnics is the favorite paying out $13.50 for every $10 bet but an umbrella used as a prop pays $25.50.  That prop would be in association with Rihanna's popular song "Umbrella".

And we also have the First Song and Last Song played prop bets below.

First song by Rihanna during halftime show

(NOTE: Prop has been closed due to customer requests to add “Bitch Better Have My Money”)

Diamonds                                 (+250)

This Is What I Came For             (+400)

Where Have You Been               (+450)

Don’t Stop The Music                (+500)

Stay                                          (+750)

Rude Boy                                  (+1000)

Umbrella                                  (+1000)

We Found Love                         (+1200)

What's My Name                      (+1200)

Only Girl (In The World)             (+1800)

Work                                        (+2500)

Hate That I Love You                 (+4000)


Last song by Rihanna during halftime show

(NOTE: Prop has been closed due to suspicious betting patterns on “Diamonds”)

Don't Stop The Music                (+200)

Umbrella                                  (+300)

Where Have You Been               (+650)

Stay                                          (+700)

We Found Love                         (+700)

Love On The Brain                     (+900)

Diamonds                                 (+1000)

Rude Boy                                  (+1400)

What's My Name?                     (+1400)

Only Girl (In The World)             (+2000)

Pon de Replay                           (+2500)

Man Down                                (+3300)

And there is more...

Rihanna Dress/Shirt Primary Color       

Black                (-150)

White               (+450)

Grey/Silver       (+500)

Yellow/Gold      (+600)

Red                  (+800)

Pink                  (+1200)

Green               (+1400)

Blue                 (+1600)


Rihanna Eye Shadow Primary Color      

Clear/None                               (-250)

White                                       (+350)

Purple (Light or Dark)                (+500)

Black                                        (+750)

Red/Pink                                  (+800)

Blue                                         (+1200)


Rihanna Primary Hair Color      

Black                (-1000)

Blonde              (+600)

Red                  (+900)

Pink                  (+1000)

Purple              (+1000)

Blue                 (+1400)


Rihanna Lipstick Primary Color 

Red/Pink                      (-300)

No Lipstick/Clear           (+275)

Black                            (+400)

Purple                          (+750)

Blue/Aqua                    (+1400)


Which artist will make an appearance on stage with Rihanna?

(NOTE: Prop has been closed due to suspicious betting patterns on “Jay-Z”)

Jay-Z                            (-225)

Drake                          (-200)

Eminem                        (+150)

A$AP Rocky                  (+250)

Future                          (+600)

T.I.                               (+700)

Kanye West                  (+800)

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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