What Should I Bet On – 2017 Cleveland Browns?

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If you are betting on the Cleveland Browns futures in 2017-2018, Gambling911.com suggests the following bet(s):

Low expectations for a team that has had continued hard luck season after season.  The books have reduced the price somewhat on the total regular season wins to -115 for both the OVER and UNDER 4.5.  Before you were able to get the Browns at a more generous price on the OVER and Gambling911.com believes that’s the smart option here.

For Cleveland area bookies or agents utilizing a Pay Per Head, one can get away with offering a number of 5 but the better suggestion is to price the OVER higher than other books.

They drafted Myles Garrett, who Barnwell predicts will “be a building block alongside Jamie Collins, Danny Shelton and Joe Haden in Cleveland's new 4-3 defense under Gregg Williams”. They also massively upgraded their offensive line.  And it’s not as if Brock Osweiler (looking like the favorite early on to become Cleveland’s starting quarterback) isn’t good.

From Fansided.com:

A fresh start behind one of the premier quarterback guru’s in (head coach Hugh) Jackson might be exactly what Osweiler needs to salvage his career. He has all the tools; he stands at 6-foot-7 and has the arm strength Jackson can work with.

He’s the most experienced quarterback on the roster, even though all of last season’s woes still remain in the minds of those who remember him.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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