Tis The Season For Bowl Games and Betting

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The Holiday season is underway and College Football just started their annual Bowl Season which began this past Saturday. Now each day for the next 2 weeks there will be at least one Bowl game to enjoy and to bet on.

During this week there will be mainly the unranked teams playing in their Bowl Games, however, a football game is still a football game, which means these games are still going to get plenty of action. This is the perfect time to be using a PPH bookie service†like AcePerHead.com, because each and every day there is a bowl game to bet on which also leads to people staying on the website and then betting the other sports that are going on right now like NBA, College Basketball, NHL, and Soccer. The more betting that players do each day, the more they will end up losing overall, and since a lot of people have off from work for the end of the year, there will be even more betting going on.

By Thursday, December 28th the Bowl games that feature the top 25 ranked teams will start taking place. There are a ton of terrific games like the # 13 Stanford vs. # 15 TCU, # 18 Washington vs. # 16 Michigan State, # 8 USC vs. # 5 Ohio State, #11 Washington vs. # 9 Penn State, # 6 Wisconsin vs. # 10 Miami, #12 UCF vs. # 7 Auburn, and # 14 Notre Dame vs. # 17 LSU.

Then to finish it all out on Monday, January 1st, 2018 New Yearís day the two College Football Playoff games will take place. At 5p will be the Rose Bowl game between # 3 Georgia and # 2 Oklahoma followed by the Sugar Bowl game between # 4 Alabama vs. # 1 Clemson at 8:45 pm.

The lines for all these games are already available, and the two playoff games, oddly enough have the lower seeded teams as the favorites in those games. So Alabama is -3 point favorite over Clemson, and Georgia is a -2 point favorite over Oklahoma and Alabama is currently the favorite to win the National Championship at +175. Regardless of who ends up winning, you can bet that these will be heavily wagered on games and players will at least get their moneyís worth in entertainment value, and the bookies should make money overall.

By†visiting AcePerHead.com, youíll find the best football†betting software for bookies around the world.

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