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We know here at that many websites will be trying to predict the outcome of the 2010 Super Bowl, and that is all fine and dandy.  But we have a few Super Bowl bets that are especially appealing but may fall by the wayside. 

We are not promising any of these will win.  But what we will say is that the value is solid and the odds are good.


Peyton Manning MVP Odds (Even)


Manning is considered by many to be the best quarterback ever outside of maybe Joe Montana.

Mike Florio of Sporting News argues in favor of Peyton Manning as Super Bowl MVP:

Even with the injury to defensive end Dwight Freeney, which could allow the Saints to send tight ends and running backs who otherwise would be chipping Freeney into the pass patterns, the key man for the Colts is Manning.

He has proven it throughout the season, as the one constant amid a sea of change that at times threatened to become turmoil. Even with a new head coach, a new defensive coordinator, a new special teams coordinator, the retirement and return of offensive coordinator Tom Moore and offensive line coach Howard Mudd, the departure of receiver Marvin Harrison, the multiple injuries to safety Bob Sanders, and the lack of a threatening running game, Manning has carried the franchise to one of the greatest single seasons the league ever has seen.

The reason why Peyton Manning winning MVP is among the best Super Bowl bets we can find is - not just that the odds have such good value - but if the Colts win, Manning is almost certainly going to be named Super Bowl MVP.


Super Bowl Margin of Victory (Bet 3 Options)


There are basically three mindsets here: 

One, the Colts win by a touchdown (Margin of victory between 7 and 10 points)

Two, the Colts win within the current spread (Margin of victory between 1 and 6 points)

Three, the Saints squeak out a victory but not by more than 6 points against Manning's Colts (Margin of victory between 1 and 6 for New Orleans).

The odds are set up in such a way that if any one of these comes to fruition, you would achieve a small profit. 

The Colts winning with 6 points pays the best though.

Most of us don't think this Super Bowl will end in a blowout.  History suggests that is not likely.  But the risk would be somewhat heavy so make sure the Super Bowl bet you lay down on this type of strategy is money you can afford to lose. will have more Super Bowl bets we like coming up.

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