Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets – Color of the Gatorade

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Don Shapiro
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Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets – Color of the Gatorade

Among the Super Bowl 50 prop bets that will be offered, few will get as much action as the infamous Color of the Gatorade option, which has a tendency to feature some of the more lucrative payouts.

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The tradition supposedly dates back to October 28, 1985 when New York Giants player Jim Burt performed the action on Bill Parcells after being angered over the coach's treatment of him that week.  Burt insisted that Harry Carson be the one to dump the Gatorade on Parcells, because he was a favorite and wouldn't get in trouble.

Don’t tell this to former Chicago Bears defensive tackle Dan Hampton, who disputes the notion that the Giants had a hand in starting the Gatorade Bath shower. 

Hampton claims to have invented it after dumping a batch over head coach Mike Ditka’s head the year prior.

Whomever discovered the Gatorade Bath, sports bettors will be eternally grateful as this particular prop wager offers one of the better payouts for the big game.

Typically Clear or Water and Orange rank among the favorites.  Orange should be the favorite with that being the dominant color for the Broncos, who this year beat New England to play in Super Bowl 50.  Carolina dumped orange Gatorade on head coach Ron Rivera with their Conference Championship win over Arizona. 

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