Super Bowl 49 Novelty Prop Bets: Color of Gatorade Thrown on Winning Coach

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Jan/24/2015 features hundreds of Super Bowl 49 novelty prop bets including the very popular Color of Gatorade Thrown on the Winning Coach with payout odds starting at $15 for every $10 bet.  You can claim up to $1000 in FREE CASH at BetOnline here (based on initial deposit). Please use bonus code G911


The Gatorade Shower tradition began with the New York Giants football team in the mid-80s supposedly when Jim Burt performed the action on head coach Bill Parcells after being angered over the coach's treatment of him that week.

Burt insisted that Harry Carson be the one to dump the Gatorade on Parcells, because he was a favorite and wouldn't get in trouble

Former Chicago Bears defensive tackle Dan Hampton insists it was he who invented the shower in 1984 when the Bears dunked Mike Ditka upon clinching the NFC Central. 

The phenomenon gained national attention in the 1986 Giants season. Parcells was doused after 17 victories that season, culminating with Super Bowl XXI.

All Gatorade Shower odds appear below and can be wagered on at BetOnline here.

Color of Gatorade thrown on the winning coach

06:30 PM



























Clear (Watrer)





No Gatorade/Liquid Bath




- Don Shapiro,

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