Super Bowl 47 Game Prop Bets Galore Released by Sportsbook

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Carrie Stroup
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Super Bowl 47 Game Prop Bets Galore Released by Sportsbook

Carrie Stroup here and has released a massive number of Super Bowl 47 prop bets that Yours Truly couldn’t even begin to start counting. received 18 pages of prop bets in total.  Let me break a few of them down.  All can be found at, which was offering up to $250 in FREE CASH when you join here today.   


Heads or Tails?  The Super Bowl coin toss is perhaps one of the most popular prop bets you will find for the big game.  Heads have hit 4 straight Super Bowls and neither side has ever hit more than 4 consecutive times.  Can you say TAILS?

First Touchdown of the Game will be

Passing Touchdown     -130

Any Other Touchdown             EVEN ODDS

Longest Made Field Goal – The OVER/UNDER here is 44.5.

Shortest Made Field Goal – The OVER/UNDER here is 24.5

Total Field Goals Made by Both Teams – Love the OVER 3.5 with Baltimore’s choking defense.  The payout is $11 for every $10 bet.  The UNDER is not worth the -140 price tag. 

Total Kickoff Returns by Both Teams (Excludes Touchbacks/Out of Bonds/Fair Catches) –

o4.5(+140) u4.5(-180) – The UNDER has little value but the OVER 4.5 has some paying $14 for every $10 bet.

Will There be a Successful 2 Point Conversion?  The YES pays 3/1 odds or $30 for every $10 bet

First Turnover of the Game – A fumble pays $12 for every $10 bet.  An interception is priced high at -150.

A Scoreless Quarter – This one pays $18 for every $10 bet should it happen.

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Total Number of Different Players to have a Pass Attempt (2 Pt Conversion Do Not Count) – The OVER 2.5 pays $24 for every $10 bet.  There is certainly some value here.

For the full list of Super Bowl 47 prop bets go here

49ers Total Rushing Yards – 0 to 20, if you dare, pays 100-1 odds.  No range pays less than 10-1 odds.  For all the ranges go here

Colin Kaepernick (49ers) Total Passing Yards in Super Bowl XLVII – 111 to 201 or more pays 12-1 or greater odds with 186-200 paying 50-1 odds. 

Super Bowl XLVII - First Half Winner And Game Winner -

49ers Win 1st Half & Game    3-2 1st Half - 49ers/Game - Ravens       4-1 1st Half - Ravens/Game - 49ers    9-2 Ravens Win 1st Half & Game   11-5 1st Half - Tie/Game - 49ers   8-1

1st Half - Tie/Game - Ravens    12-1

For the full list of Super Bowl 47 prop bets go here

Joe Flacco (Ravens) Total Touchdown Passes in Super Bowl XLVII -

00 TD Passes        3-1 01 TD Passes  2-1 02 TD Passes  2-1 03 TD Passes  3-1 04 TD Passes  8-1 05 TD Passes  25-1 06 or more TD Passes    60-1

Super Bowl XLVII - Ravens vs 49ers - Player to score the 1st

Touchdown (All Bets Action)

Frank Gore (49ers)  8-1 Michael Crabtree (49ers)  8-1 Vernon Davis (49ers)   10-1 Randy Moss (49ers) 18-1 Delanie Walker (49ers)       25-1 LaMichael James (49ers)       25-1 Colin Kaepernick (49ers) 9-1 Anthony Dixon (49ers)        40-1 Ted Ginn Jr (49ers)  65-1 Ray Rice (Ravens)  10-1 Anquan Boldin (Ravens) 10-1 Torrey Smith (Ravens)        10-1 Bernard Pierce (Ravens)    25-1 Dennis Pitta (Ravens) 12-1 Jacoby Jones (Ravens)   25-1 Joe Flacco (Ravens)        35-1 Vonta Leach (Ravens)       35-1 Ed Dickson (Ravens)       50-1 xz Field (Any Other Player)    15-2 zx No TD Scored in the Game    125-1

Margin of Victory Super Bowl 47 Prop Bet:

Ravens Win By 01-03 pts 6-1 Ravens Win By 04-06 pts    10-1 Ravens Win By 07-10 pts  9-1 Ravens Win By 11-13 pts    15-1 Ravens Win By 14-17 pts 18-1 Ravens Win By 18-21 pts  30-1 Ravens Win By 22 or more         20-1 49ers Win By 01-03 pts     11-2 49ers Win By 04-06 pts   13-2 49ers Win By 07-10 pts     11-2 49ers Win By 11-13 pts     7-1 49ers Win By 14-17 pts       8-1 49ers Win By 18-21 pts   15-1 49ers Win By 22 or more   8-1

For the full list of Super Bowl 47 prop bets go here

- Carrie Stroup, Senior Reporter

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