Super Bowl 2016 Bookies Offering Prop Bets

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Aaron Goldstein
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Super Bowl 2016 Bookies Offering Prop Bets

If your bookie is not offering Super Bowl 2016 prop bets it is time to kick him or her to the curb. 

As everybody knows, is the leader when it comes to educating sports bettors and bookies about the logistics of using an offshore Pay Per Head business.

“ has established itself as the focal point for the Pay Per Head industry, directing readers to only the most stable and financially sound businesses,” notes Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor of the G911 website.  “Any Tom, Dick and Harry can start a Pay Per Head site coming into the Football season but it is the Super Bowl that separates the boys from the men.”

That’s because the amount of work during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl requires research on some 200 plus proposition wagers.  Fly-by-night operators and slackers simply will not have the time to provide such an offering.

“If your Pay Per Head does not offer players the ability to wager on these types of props, consider this revenues lost,” O’Brien asserted.  “Folks who have never gambled in their lives suddenly start making bets on the Super Bowl.  Just imagine what kind of money your real bettors are likely to generate.

“We have been guiding gamblers since 1999.  Any Pay Per Head not endorsed by, you have to ask yourself why.”

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