Super Bowl 2015: Will the Game Go Into Overtime Odds

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Mary Montgomery
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Super Bowl 2015: Will the Game Go Into Overtime Odds

BetOnline has your Super Bowl 2015 proposition bet for Will the Game Go Into Overtime odds.  Claim up to $1000 in FREE CASH when you open an online wagering account here now.


The odds of overtime were set at 8/1 for a potential payout of $80 on every $10 bet.

You would have to bet $160 to win $10 for this Super Bowl NOT to go into overtime (your $160 is refunded assuming it doesn’t go into overtime).

So how many Super Bowls have gone into overtime you may be asking yourself.


No Super Bowl has ever gone into overtime. In the long 45 year long history of the Super Bowl there has never been an overtime situation. Many have come down to a final field goal in the closing seconds of regulation.

- Mary Montgomery,

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