Super Bowl 2011 Money Line Pays $120 for Steelers

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Tyrone Black
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Super Bowl 2011 Money Line

More than 70 percent of those backing the Super Bowl 2011 money line were on the Pittsburgh Steelers, and with good reason.  While the Steelers were still a +2.5 underdog against the spread, betting on Pittsburgh to win outright would pay out $120 for every $100 bet or $12 for every $10 bet.

“It makes perfect sense to bet the money line in this situation,” argues Don Shapiro of  “For anyone who thinks the Steelers are going to win outright, why not go all the way?  I don’t really see a scenario where the Packers win by a mere 1 or 2 points, covering the spread.”

How unlike a scenario is Green Bay winning by 1 or 2 points?

It’s happened only once in the history of the Super Bowl, in 1991 when the New York Giants beat the Buffalo Bills.

45 percent of those backing the spread in Super Bowl 2011 are on the Steelers we should note.

- Tyrone Black,

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