Should American Bookmakers Keep Their Eyes On Soccer?

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Online bookie agents love football season. For many agents, the bulk of their revenues are provided during football season. That could change in the very near future. The reason is due to dollars.

NFL football has become almost unwatchable. It’s difficult to watch a sporting event when there’s a 5-minute advertising break every 10 minutes or so.

Also, the NFL and College Football have terribly short seasons. Will bookmakers eventually turn to soccer as their main source of income? Maybe.

Check out a few reasons why this might happen.

Professional Soccer Leagues

While the NFL and College Football have short seasons, soccer leagues are almost year-round. The 2017-2018 Premier League lasts from August 11 to May 13.

That’s a full 9 months of soccer betting action.

That’s not the only action, though. Soccer is pretty much an every-day, every-year, sport. When league games aren’t being played, national games usually are.

The World Cup, which happens every 4-years, isn’t the only important soccer tournament.

Every year, as a matter of fact, teams from the Premier League play teams from the Bundesliga and La Liga in the Champions League. That’s a mass amount of possible action to a pay per head agent’s sportsbook. 

Soccer Betting Fixtures Favor Online Bookies

Soccer betting fixtures favor online bookmakers. This is due to the multiple possible wagers on any given soccer match. While most players bet on the spread on an NFL game, soccer bettors can wager on a draw.

Per head agents should think of the draw like the green squares on a roulette table. The draw gives the edge to bookmakers.

Instead of betting on a 50% outcome, either football Team A covers the spread, or doesn’t, the outcome in a soccer match is 33.333% because of the draw bet.

Bookmakers should make sure that their sportsbook software allows live wagering for an array of sports and leagues.

Educate Casual Players About Soccer Betting

Soccer betting isn’t the focus in Las Vegas. Since all American sports betting stems from what Vegas promotes, online bookies may have to educate their clients about soccer betting.

This isn’t an incredibly difficult chore. One of the best ways to do this is by discussing the draw bet. A draw always offers more potential profit for sports bettors than the handicap, or the money line bet.

Gaining more potential profit is something that can attract any sports bettor. Bookmakers should also let their clients know about the mass amount of soccer matches.

Variety can really help get bettors to the windows.

Education and promotion can go hand in hand when it comes to soccer betting.

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