Quarter Point Of NFL Season Already Over: How is Your Bookie Business Doing?

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It feels like only yesterday that the NFL Season was just beginning, however, time flies when you are having fun and gambling on football, and now the season is already a quarter of the way through.

Per Head Solutions having been raking in the money for bookies with only one tough week during week 3 where a bunch of public favorites won, but other than that it has been gravy in the bank for the books.

Probably the biggest surprise so far this season has been the New England Patriots. There were quite a few people, myself included that thought the Patriots were going to have a real shot at going 16-0 this regular season. However, they got blown out by the Kansas City Chiefs in week 1 and then just lost again this past weekend. The Patriots are now 2-2 and could have easily been 1-3 if they didnít get some last minute heroics in their fourth-quarter comeback against the Texans two weeks ago.

Not only are the Patriots a surprising 2-2, but they are also 1-3 against the spread, which is great for bookies because the public loves betting New England. There were even many agents around the world that were raising the spread on the Patriots each week because they thought the lines were too low, but any agent that did this ended up costing themselves money because when you raise a line, you run the high risk of cause players to stay away from that game, or even bet the other side, because they see that the line is much higher than at any other lines provider website.† That is why it is important not to move the lines and let the professionals handle it.

The other big surprise this season so far has been the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are a surprising 3-1 and they did this by beating two teams that are also 3-1 in the Denver Broncos and the Atlanta Falcons. The Bills have been the darlings for the book the last two weeks because they have been large underdogs against both the Broncos and Falcons and both games were very lopsided on the favorites. Not only did the Bills win outright but they won by enough to mess up a lot of teasers for players. The Bills are currently 4-0 against the spread and with their stingy defense, they may be able to keep up their winning ways.

Thatís the beauty of the NFL, on any given†Sunday†any team can win, which makes gambling on the NFL extremely difficult, but makes taking action the wise way to go. There is still æ left of season, which means there are still plenty more surprises left in store and more money to be made as a bookie.

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