Price Per Head Agents Should Offer These 5 NFL Prop Bets Now

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The smell of pigskin on grass is already in the air. Soon, most action is going to come from players betting on football.

Right now, NFL prop bets are already available.

Many of the props revolve around Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch. Online bookies should offer the 5 NFL prop bets listed here.

Highest Win Total

Over 13.5        -130

Under 13.5      +100

Both sides of this prop should be attractive to many football bettors. What agents must know is that New England is at 3/1 to win the Super Bowl.

They sure look like a 14 and 2 team. Then again, New England has one of the toughest schedules in the NFL this season.

Perfect Regular Season

Yes       +1000

No       -1500

Since nobody is going to lay -1500 to make $100, it stands to reason that all players become attracted to the +1000 odds.

Say that 50 football bettors put $50 on Yes at +1000. The chances of a team going undefeated in the NFL is much greater than that.

There’s an excellent chance that the revenue number for this bet alone is $2,500 (50 players x $50).

Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch Both Lead Team in Rushing Yards

Yes       +220

No       -280

AP and Beast Mode homers, Saints and Raiders fans, are going to jump all over Yes at +220.

Everyone else, is probably going to jump on -280.

First 20-yard Rush in the 2017 NFL Season

Adrian Peterson          -125

Marshawn Lynch        -105

There’s a good chance that per head agents get almost the same amount of money on both sides of this prop bet.

Adrian Peterson runs behind a better offensive line.

But, Marshawn Lynch plays for a team that’s more likely to give him the football. AP’s sharing time with Mark Ingram.

Most football handicappers know this.

First TD Scored in the 2017 NFL Season

Adrian Peterson          +110

Marshawn Lynch        -140

There’s an easy way to promote this NFL prop bet. Pay per head agents only must tell players that if AP and Beast Mode have great training camps, the odds for both will go down.

Make players understand that getting +110 on AP constitutes great value. Getting -140 on Lynch, constitutes great value.

The Raiders didn’t sign Marshawn to not give him the football.

There are many more NFL prop bets coming. For now, agents should open betting up for the above 5.

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