Premier League: Online Bookies To Score Big Money?

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C Costigan
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It’s always important to understand trends in all sports betting as a pay per head agent or online bookie.  

This way they can correctly set max betting limits, betting lines, as well as preventing some teams in certain games from being a part of parlay bets.

They should also have the proper tools in place to properly manage players and risks. Learn more about and see what a premium software can do for bookies.

New Site For Bettors

When it comes to the Premier League, a site called has been created to specifically help bettors get an edge on bookmakers.

Since the purpose of the site is to help bettors, online bookies should be aware of the information on the site.

But there is another reason that bookmakers should know all about the information on

Bookies could use the information to sharpen the per head tools at their fingertips to score big money.

Examples of Using Premier League Trends

One of the most obvious trends is under Goals on the Soccer Keep site.

Here’s an example of goals scored in Manchester United games. This is taken directly from

                        Over 1.5          Over 2.5          Over 3.5          Over 4.5

Man U                        100%               66.7%              44.4%              11.1%

Over 1.5 goals has been scored 100% of the time in Manchester United games so far this Premier League season.

Over 2.5 goals have been scored 66.7% of the time. Over 3.5 goals have been scored 44.4% of the time and over 4.5 goals have been scored a mere 11.1% of the time.

This is valuable information for bookies. The way to use this information is to first never offer an over bet on Manchester United at 1.5 goals. Since over has been hit at 100% of the time at 1.5 goals,

Pay per head Premier League bookmakers are likely going to lose out on that specific wager every single time.

Only offer bets over a total starting at 2.5 goals or more.

Then, when the bookmaker comes up against a total of 2.5 goals, what the bookmaker should do is force an extra amount of investment to bet over 2.5 goals.

So, instead of an investment of -110, as an example, the investment should be -115, -120, or maybe even -125 for the right to bet over the total of 2.5 goals in Manchester United matches.

This is just an example of how an online bookie can use the stats on Soccer Keep to score big money.

If anything, the stats should help bookies manage their businesses effectively.       

Online bookies looking to make more money should have the right software. Get the best tools in the business by using, learn more about this premium software here.

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