Pay Per Head Bookie Outsourcing in Escambia County, Alabama

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Escambia County, Alabama primarily pulls for the Tide in College Football, at 53.9 percent, and the Tigers 27.5 percent.  There are some Gators fans, representing a meager 2.9 percent of the county.  Cities and towns located in this county include Atmore, Brewton, Flomation, Pollard and Riverview.

It is easy to find a Pay Per Head bookie outsourcing company willing to support this region with its population of 38,319, almost all of which over the betting age of 18 will likely support area College Football teams.  This is also Saints territory in the NFL.

How Much More Money Can an Alabama Bookie Make Utilizing a Pay Per Head Bookie Outsourcing Business?

It is estimated that players tend to lose approximately 15 percent more when betting from a mobile device.  Nearly all of today’s Pay Per Head services offer mobile capability.

Gambling911.com believes that conservatively a Pay Per Head business can help to generate a quarter (25 percent) more in profit through offering of the aforementioned loss leaders such as the LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING, online casino and mobile betting platform. 
Let’s now look at how the Alabama bookie would likely have fared in 2016 using a Pay Per Head service when considering local team and regional fan base betting tendencies.

Bookie Expected Revenue Generation Using a Pay Per Head


2016 ATS



Crimson Tide


Big Loss


Auburn Tigers


Big Loss


Southern Alabama Jags


Big Win

Big Win



Big Loss




Big Loss


Know the Law

Alabama makes both simple gambling and aggravated gambling a misdemeanor outside the confines of otherwise licensed establishments.

As the world's second oldest profession (after prostitution), bookmaking is not going away any time soon.  And while many view the activity as relatively harmless (PPH operations remove most of the physical components that might otherwise attract criminal elements), bookmaking businesses sometimes find themselves intertwined with more serious felonious activities such as enterprise corruption, money laundering and tax evasion.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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