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The first game of the 2017-2018 NFL Regular Season is on September 7.  That doesn’t mean online bookie agents can’t promote the NFL right now.

NFL Preseason Week 2 is on our doorsteps. Not only that, but there are plenty of NFL future prop wagers that agents should promote to the run up to September 7.

NFL Preseason Games

Most pro players aren’t going to wager on NFL Preseason Games. That’s not what they do. But, casual players are going to bet on NFL Preseason Games.

The main reason is because the NFL is the most popular sports league on which casual bettors prefer to make wagers.

It’s all about viewership. NFL Preseason games often garner more viewers than anything else on that night. That’s why the NFL plays preseason games on Saturdays.

When people are out and about, having dinner, meeting friends at the bar, playing pool, etc., an NFL Preseason game should be on all the televisions.

Also, many casual bettors play fantasy football. To get an idea of whom to pick in their fantasy football drafts, these casual bettors watch NFL Preseason games.

Pay per head agents should promote NFL Preseason games by simply sending out emails and text messages.

Don’t bother sending those to pro players. Pro players won’t be interested in making bets on NFL Preseason games.

If for some reason a pro player does wish to bet on an NFL Preseason game, the pro player will wager on that game. There’s no promotion necessary.

Sign-up for PayPerHead’s sportsbook management software to access TV listings. TV listings allow agents to target emails and text messages. 

NFL Futures

There are plenty of NFL future prop wagers that players can make. It’s important that agents set max betting limits on all NFL futures. Agents should set those max betting limits dependent on their comfortability.

For example, if an agent runs a smaller book, a max betting limit of $200 or less on any team to win the Super Bowl makes sense. To put this in perspective, the New England Patriots are at +325 to win Super Bowl 52.

If the Pats were to win Super Bowl 52, for every $200 wagered, the payout would be $650. That can be quite a few dollars that a small book might have to pay out.

Always keep potential payouts in mind when considering max betting limits.

NFL betting brought in an estimated 90 billion dollars during the 2016-17 NFL Season. Get a piece of that cash this year with the right sportsbook management software.

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