Online Bookie Tips: How To Set Your Sportsbook For Super Bowl LII

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Super Bowl LII is less than a month away. What it means is that pay per head agents had better prepare their sportsbooks for Super Bowl LII.

Online bookie agents should make sure they have a premium sportsbook software in order to capitalize on the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl Betting.

Prepare for Super Bowl LII Betting

Every year, the Super Bowl is the most bet on sporting event in the world. By following the simple process below, agents can ensure that they don’t miss out on any Super Bowl betting action.

Collect on All Settle Alerts

When a pay per head agent is pinged to collect on a settle alert, the agent should collect. There are some exceptions, but when it comes to Super Bowl betting, the agent mustn’t allow players to bet outside of their means.

Agents can easily explain this fact by telling players that they don’t want to owe the agent money before the Super Bowl takes place.

Most players will want to enter the biggest betting event of the year with their balances at zero.

It’s up to the agent to help make that a fact for players.

Set Schedule Limit Overrides During the NFL Playoffs

The New Orleans Saints are at +750 to win the Super Bowl. What’s going to happen to their odds if they beat the Carolina Panthers 48 to 3 on Sunday? Their odds are going to drop.

Cagey Super Bowl future bettors no doubt will try to dump on the Saints to win Super Bowl LII if they’re ahead during this Sunday’s game.

Don’t let that happen. Shut off future betting on Super Bowl LII until the Monday after all playoff games have been played.

Don’t be afraid to disallow moneyline wagers to be a part of any parlays – This is a key to prepare for Super Bowl LII.

Moneyline betting can be huge during the NFL Playoffs. Why? How many pro players truly believe that the Buffalo Bills are +9 dogs to the Jacksonville Jaguars? Not many. Won’t some of those pro players bet on the Bills to win on the moneyline?

It’s a good idea to never allow moneyline wagers on parlays as it is. When it comes to the NFL Playoffs, it’s even more important to disallow moneyline wagers to be a part of any parlays.

Bonus: Raise Limits for Casual Bettors

One other thing online bookie agents should consider is raising limits for those casual players that often don’t wager.

The Super Bowl might be the only time a casual player is willing to make a large wager against the spread. Agents raise the limits for those casual players.

Then, bookies should let those players know that they’ve raised their limits so that the players can enjoy the Super Bowl.

Online bookies should note that last year alone Super Bowl betting brought in a whopping 4.9 BILLION dollars. There’s no reason to think that this year won’t see even more action.

Right now, is offering their Prime Package for just $10 per head. That means pay per head agents will have all the premium tools and features they need  in order to make more cash.

What are you waiting for? Build your sportsbook empire today.

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