Online Bookie Tips: Attract The Next Generation Of NFL Bettors

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Young people, millennials, have become one of the most powerful consumer classes in the United States. This consumer class is fickle.


That’s why companies like Nike don’t utilize TV broadcast ads as much in the present as they did in the past.


But, being fickle doesn’t mean that young people aren’t NFL football fans. It also doesn’t mean that young people don’t like to make wagers on NFL games.


See below for 3 things that online bookie agents must offer to attract, and keep, the next generation of NFL bettors.


3 Things You Must Offer to Attract New NFL Bettors


Mobile Betting on NFL Games – Young people live off their phones. Many young people don’t even have a tower PC.


They work off their phones and tablets. Or, they work off their phone, and phablets.


Young people are more likely to be telecommuters as well. What it all means is that if young people are going to wager, they’re going place bets via their smartphones.


Mobile betting is an absolute must to attract new NFL bettors.


Live Betting on NFL Games – Young people are social. They spend a lot of time on their phones. But, they also spend a lot of time, socializing, drinking and eating, with friends.


A great way to get the next generation of NFL bettors on board is for agents to promote live betting events.


Bars and restaurants create special menus for NFL Monday Night Football and NFL Thursday Night Football.


Since many young players will be at restaurants and bars carousing with their friends, pay per head agents must allow for live betting on those Monday night and Thursday night games.


Promoting action on those Monday night and Thursday night games isn’t a terrible idea, either.


Low Minimums on NFL Games – Millennials appear smarter with their money than Generation X, or Generation Y. They’re more inclined to not be as materialistic.


What it means is that they pay attention to how much things cost.


If a per head agent creates a minimum that’s something like $20 to $25 dollars, it’s going to be difficult to attract young players.


The new generation of NFL bettors are more likely to place wagers on NFL games if the cost do so is around $10. I’d consider dropping the minimum to $5 for some young NFL bettors.


Don’t worry. The more success the new generation of NFL bettors have, the more action you’re going to see.


Online bookie agents want to play the long game with the new generation of NFL bettors.

Get Ready For NFL Bettors


If a pay per head agent’s sportsbook doesn’t live up to the next generation of bettors, he or she won’t be able to keep a profitable business for the long haul.


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They have fully mobile capabilities in order for Millennials to be able to bet how they want, where they want.


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