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Here we are at the halfway point through yet another fantastic and action packed NFL season.

This year has been a wild one to say the least and there are no signs of any slowing down. Who is predictable this week and who lays an egg? The old saying “any given Sunday” has certainly applied this year and now more than ever; the NFL gambler is searching for answers. Let’s take a look at some of the better games this week and try to pinpoint where the value lies.

Chargers vs. Patriots

The san Diego Chargers opened this season with four straight loses to the Broncos, Dolphins, Chiefs and the Eagles. They have followed up those four straight loses with 3 straight wins coming by way of the Giants, Raiders, and besting the Broncos. The Chargers are clearly not the 0-4 team that they started the season out to be, they are better than that, however, do not jump on the Super Bowl bandwagon just yet!

The question here is, do they make any kind of statement going forward? The road to riches certainly doesn’t get any easier and this week they take on the reigning champions of the NFL world, in Foxboro. We all know the trouble this year with Brady and company. Take a look at their troubles and examine them closely; exactly! The troubles in New England seemed to have disappeared. This is no surprise, this is what the Patriots do. When they have a problem, they fix it, and things appear to be fixed.

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The Chargers on the other hand, are they really fixed? It’s doubtful. When Phillip Rivers plays from behind, he unravels. Ok, so the argument can be made the he has played pretty well the past three games and managed very well. This is true, it’s also true that he is historically inconsistent. Rivers always puts up big numbers and he always has those brilliant moments. He also always folds.

Mr. Rivers is facing the Patriots at a very bad time and this week he had better bring everything he has plus the kitchen sink to throw at Brady and the boys. This one could be ugly. The Patriots are figuring out their woes on defense and coming together on offense. After all of the ugliness early on in New England and after all the speculation about Brady ‘being done”; it’s the same old Patriots. Don’t look for any watershed moments from the Chargers. They will respond how they usually respond and that’s usually, poorly. Expect big moments, expect some temper tantrums and expect a big New England party.

Prediction: Patriots -7

49ers vs. Eagles

Usually 12 points would be a lot of points to lay on any NFL game, not this week! Run to your favorite online bookie, dial them up quickly and race to get 12 points before the number moves to 14.5! Don’t walk; run! This game is a money maker and Vegas has clearly taken their eye off the ball. The logic in this one; Vegas doesn’t want to make it look like a college spread. “Stupid is as stupid does” if Gump gets it, then we should all be able to get it. Jump on this number and jump quickly. The Eagles are the best team in football and Carson Wentz is just hitting his stride. The 49ers are as lost as a goose and going nowhere.

Prediction: Eagles -12

Steelers vs. Lions

Big Ben does this every year, and every year folks are quick to write him off. He starts out slow, makes some big mistakes and then comes around. You can count on it like clockwork. LeVeon Bell, Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger; are weapons! They are very clearly tuning it up and on their way to a second half run. What do the Lions bring? They bring hunger. They have lost some heartbreakers and it has to be getting old. The Lions are a talented team that should easily win their division now that Green Bay is out of the picture. Be careful with this game

Pittsburgh is all, that we pointed out and more but here is the problem, they are a different team on the road. They find ways to lose and this is the very reason it has been so long for the Steelers to make any noise in the playoffs. Yes, the Steelers got a big victory in Kansas City, credit must be given. What also must be considered is the holes that have been exposed in the Chiefs defense over the last few games. Pittsburgh struck while the iron was hot and it worked against a tired and beat up Kansas City Chiefs defense.

Golden Tate is expected to play in this one and that’s a game changer! The Lions have yet to show any of us what they are really capable of and it’s a matter of time until it happens. The Steelers simply do not have the mindset to play on the road; not against a good defense, with an equally good offense in Matthew Stafford and company. With the week off, you can count on one thing from the Lions; focus. This is a franchise that realizes their position and they must take advantage of it. The Vikings, question mark, the Bears, who knows, the Packers, out entirely.

Prediction: Lions +3

We have a great Sunday, filled with action packed games that promise a little bit of everything. It’s a great time to jump in the mix and have a little fun betting the NFL. Every sports gambler should have more than one online bookie. Sharp players always have more than one and usually, several. Get in the groove and find a bookie that gives you the best lines and odds. Find a sportsbook that pays out in a timely and convenient manner and find a bookie that’s not a hassle to work with. Win some money this week and enjoy the games. Good luck.

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