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NFL Week 4 News has your NFL Week 4 news from a betting perspective.

While the Seahawks/Colts game hadn't attracted much action the first few days of the week (due to the line being OFF), these last two or three days we are seeing plenty of bets flow into this game but mostly lopsided in favor of the Indianapolis Colts at -10 at online betting establishments like

What teams will cause the bookies heartache or glee this weekend?

.....The Giants and Bengals are this week's huge public favorites, getting 90 percent or more action at most online sportsbooks and plenty of betting volume.  Nearly 100 percent of the money line action was on New York to win outright at -400.  OUCH!

.....The Baltimore Ravens would pay out $11 for every $10 bet on the money line if they beat New England outright.  Otherwise they are paying $10 for every $10 bet on the +1 ½ spread.  Is a half point really worth not wagering them on the money line?

....Speaking of money lines, Denver would pay out $12.50 for every $10.00 bet if they are to win outright at home against Dallas.  Could be a good bet.

....For a second straight week, the betting public is backing the Detroit Lions, if only slightly.  Action is 55/45 for the most part in this game against the Bears.  Volume is not as heavy as with most games either.

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