NFL Week 1 - 6 Recap: Biggest Rookie Mistakes Agents Made

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Now that we’re almost at the halfway point of the current NFL Season, it’s important for pay per head agents to take stock of the mistakes they possibly made in NFL Week 1 through NFL Week 6.

Below, is a list of the 4 biggest rookie mistakes.

Biggest Rookie Mistakes:  NFL Week 1 – NFL Week 6

Not allowing money to ride on the New England Patriots

The Patriots were the best team against the spread last season. New England covered in almost every game.

This season? Not so much. After 6 games, New England is 2 and 4 ATS. The Patriots were over bet in every single game:

  • Straight up loss to KC in Week 1 as a -8 favorite
  • 3-point win over Houston in Week 3 as a -13.5 fave
  • 3-point loss to Carolina in Week 4 as a -9 favorite,
  • 7-point win over the Jets in Week 6 as a -9 favorite.

Almost every pay per head agent on the planet saw more money wagered on the Patriots than on the Jets in those 4 games. If those agents had allowed that money to ride, think about the profit.

Not setting max betting limits on total bets

Total bets have been all over the map this season. Some teams are over studs. For example, Indianapolis 5-0-1 over the total in 6 games.

Some teams are under studs. San Francisco is 6-0 under the total in their 6 games.

Setting max betting limits on all total plays could have prevented losses on teams like Indianapolis and San Francisco.

Not studying live bet reports

It’s important to study live betting reports to get an idea of pro player live betting strategies. Every week, it’s important to look at NFL live betting reports.

If pay per head agents aren’t doing this, or haven’t done this, they could be in for a rude awakening week to week.

Overusing their layoff accounts

This is the most important lesson. Any online bookie agents that overused their layoff accounts in the first 6 weeks of the NFL Season left gobs of profit on the table.

Check out the major upsets that just occurred in Week 1:

  • Kansas City +8 over New England
  • Chicago +6.5 over Atlanta
  • Cleveland +10 over Pittsburgh
  • Jacksonville +6 over Houston

Every week, without fail, huge ATS upsets occur in the NFL. A big against the spread upset in the NFL is one that happens when at least 60% or more of NFL handicappers back the favorite.

Keep all of this in mind as we move into the second half of the NFL Season. By doing so, pay per head agents can make the second half of the season much more profitable than the first half.

There’s one last mistake that pay per head agents could have made....

Not Having The Right Per Head Software

Not having the right sportsbook management software sets online bookie agents up for failure.Why? Because of lack of tools and reports that agents rely on to make the business decision.

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