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The NFL Playoff picture becomes more clear each week. Pay per head agents don’t necessarily care if a team makes the playoffs. What pay per head agents really care about is how NFL Playoff teams affect future Super Bowl 52 odds.

Before the Saints battle the Falcons on Thursday, Dec. 7, these are the current Super Bowl 52 odds. Check out an analysis after you look at the odds.

Current Super Bowl 52 Odds

New England Patriots             +250

Philadelphia Eagles                 +350

Pittsburgh Steelers                  +600

New Orleans Saints                +1200

Minnesota Vikings                  +1200

Atlanta Falcons                                   +1200

L.A. Rams                               +1400

Carolina Panthers                    +1800

Seattle Seahawks                     +2200

The NFL Playoff Picture:

The biggest thing for pay per head agents to realize is that outside of New England and Pittsburgh no other team from the AFC is expected to win Super Bowl 52.

All action is flowing to the Patriots and the Steelers. Should bookmakers allow extra bets on the Pats and Steelers? That might be a good move.

Repeating as Super Bowl Champions is rare. That shuts off the Patriots. The Steelers are only 6 and 6 against the spread this season. Can a .500 team against the spread win the Super Bowl?

Maybe. Rolling the dice on both teams could lead to big profits.

The Philadelphia Eagles present a quandary. If the season ended today, the Eagles wouldn’t even garner home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Not only that, but as of NFL Week 14, the Eagles have only played a single team over .500. That team, the Seattle Seahawks, beat them straight up by 14 points.

Per head agents should consider accepting bets past max betting limits on the Philadelphia Eagles. Who knows how good the Eagles really are? There’s not enough info there for bookies to tell.

Atlanta is in danger of missing the playoffs. Don’t worry about wagers on the Falcons. As of Week 14, they have yet gelled on offense.

The defense isn’t any better than it was last season. The Saints are running away with the division.

That brings us to the Saints, Vikings, Rams, Panthers and Seahawks. It’s imperative that online bookie agents stick to max betting limits on the Saints, Vikings, and Rams. The Rams’ defense has gelled.

The offense is one of the best in the NFL. The Saints have an experienced, hall of fame quarterback to go along with a Super Bowl winning coach.

The Vikings are a solid team. Minnesota might be the best team in the NFL top to bottom. Should agents stick to max betting limits on the Panthers and Seahawks?

That’s a question that’s difficult to answer. Carolina is up and down. Seattle doesn’t have a very good offensive line. Still, both have gone to the Super Bowl in the past 3 years.

Experience can take an NFL team a long way once the playoffs come around. So, if in doubt, agents should keep max betting limits in place.

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