NFL Betting Action Report: 2009 Week 2

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C Costigan
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NFL Betting Week 2

Which NFL teams were getting the most betting action Sunday morning for Week 2?

New England Patriots - The Pats were getting close to 65 percent of the public betting action but this game in general was the most wagered on so, even though the Patriots were getting more action than any other team in the league, a New England win by -3 ½ won't exactly destroy the bookies.  The Jets in fact were a top 7 bet in their own right.

New Orleans Saints - Heavy action on the Saints to beat Philadelphia.  Just over 85 percent with a -1 ½ line.  The bookies will need Philadelphia to pull off the win here.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Heavily bet on vs. Chicago but this game doesn't go off until later so, when all is said and done, the Steelers will have probably had the most action of any other team.  The spread was -3.  The action was around 90 percent.

Tennessee Titans - Tennessee was getting around 90 percent of the betting action with a line of -7 against Houston.

Minnesota Vikings - Were pretty much the 5th or 6th most bet on team across the board.  The action was close to 80 percent.

Oakland Raiders - The Raiders were getting sharp action at some books.  They were getting over 85 percent of the betting action so a win by Oakland will sting the books ag bit.

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