NCAAF Futures and Tools for Bookies to Protect Their Bottom Line

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Pay per head agents should already see future bets on this year’s participants in the College Football Playoffs. The odds listed below are bound to dramatically change as wagers come in.

For most agents, that might be okay. Just to be safe, agents should make sure to utilize the tools listed here.

Sharp future bettors, no doubt, are going to try and take advantage of the healthy above even money odds on every team with a shot at the College Football National Championship.

NCAAF Futures

Alabama Crimson Tide                                  +190

Clemson Tigers                                  +250

Oklahoma Sooners                             +333

Georgia                                               +333

It’s obvious that college football handicappers are all over the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Tide didn’t have to play in the SEC Championship to make it to the CFP.

Alabama figures to be the most rested team in the College Football Playoff.

Players should also put some dollars onto the Clemson Tigers. Oklahoma and Georgia might get some play. Although, it’s doubtful that either team garners as much action as the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers.

For pay per head agents the most important aspect of all 4 betting interests is that every single one is offering odds above even money.

What this means is that agents must find a way to manage future betting on the college football playoff. The tool below will allow online bookie agents to manage betting.

Tool to Use:  Mass Editing Tool

What to do with the Mass Editing Tool?

Max betting limits – Agents should create max betting limits for all players. The max betting limit should be a total wagered on all CFP futures combined. If the max betting limit is $200, that’s all that should be allowable for players to wager on CFP futures.

That means if a player wagers $100 on Alabama, the most they can wager on Georgia is $100.

Total CFP futures max betting limit – It’s also important that bookies set a total max betting limit for all combined College Football Playoff futures.

The combined betting limit should be comfortable for the specific pay per head agent.

Some agents might find that a max betting limit of $5,000 is best. Others might want to take up to $10,000 worth of action on the CFP.

Agents must remember that their situation is unique. Decisions should always be made based on that uniqueness.

Get The Right Tools

The right tools comes with the right sportsbook management software. Pay per head agents who want to protect their bottom line need the right tools.

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There’s no better time than now for online bookie agents to grow their sportsbook and protect their bottom line.

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