NCAA Week 15: Tips on Preparing for the Bowl Games

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C Costigan
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Since the only NCAA college football game in Week 15 is the annual battle between Navy and Army, it makes sense for pay per head agents to prepare for this year’s NCAA college football bowl games.

 An online bookie can make a lot of profit on early bowl games where information for players may be hard to come by. has a half off deal happening right now. Online bookies can get a premium software today for only $6.50 per head and start growing their business, and their bottom line.

See below for 3 tips that could help bookmakers in their quest for profit.  

3 Online Bookie Tips for Preparing for the Bowl Games

  1. Beware moneyline odds on dogs to win lesser bowl games

It’s essential that bookies pay attention to money that goes to dogs in lesser bowl games to win straight up.

For example, the Baylor Bears at +7.5 are likely to offer odds that approach +200 on the moneyline to beat the Boise State Broncos in the Cactus Bowl.

Boise State planned on playing in a more high-profile bowl game than the Cactus Bowl this season. With players knowing that Boise State is disappointed, there could be a run-on Baylor to win the Cactus Bowl straight up.

Per head agents should use mass editing tools to set max betting limits on moneyline bets as well as use the schedule override tool to shut down moneyline betting on the Cactus Bowl should too much action enter their businesses.  

    2. Use the schedule limit override tool to promote nationally televised bowl games

Every bowl game is likely to be televised. But the primetime, nationally televised, bowl games are the ones that could add a ton of action to an online bookie’s business.

If per head agents sign up for premium services from PayPerHead, they’ll have access to college football TV listings.

They can then encourage their players to wager on the primetime televised bowl games by shutting off wagering on the other bowl games for a specific amount of time.

   3. Remember that Vegas odds aren’t necessarily your odds

Vegas oddsmakers always speak to each other. The oddsmakers at the Bellagio communicate with the oddsmakers at the MGM Grand. You may not have that luxury.

A key thing to remember is that your odds are specific to your book.

As an example, if you have a player who always bets on New England, you may not have to offer the same odds as Vegas books to entice action.

Having the right per head software make a difference with any online business. is the industry leading software for bookies.

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