NCAA Football Semi-Final Predictions And Tips For Online Bookies

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The NCAA Football Semi-Finals take place on Monday, January 1. 3 Georgia battles 2 Oklahoma at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. Alabama battles Clemson at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, LA. 2018 NCAA Football Semi-Final Predictions.

Pay per head agents must be aware of what sports bettors are thinking about both semi-final games. Agents must also prepare for the likely action on both games.

Rose Bowl

Jan. 1, 2018

3 Georgia -2 vs 2 Oklahoma +2

The Georgia Bulldogs started out a +1 dog. Odds have significantly changed so that Oklahoma is a +2 dog. How much money does it take for the odds to shift a full 3 points?

A lot. It takes a lot of money for odds to shift a full 3 points. Then again, there’s more than a week before the game takes place.

What it means is that odds are likely to shift back to Oklahoma being the favorite in the 2018 Rose Bowl. Why? Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield won the Heisman Trophy.

Mayfield won the Heisman because he leads the best offense in college football. Oklahoma averages 583.3 total yards per game. The Sooners also average close to 45 points per game.

Per head agents should consider utilizing their layoff accounts if Oklahoma is over bet in their sportsbooks. Oklahoma should beat Georgia by at least a TD.

Georgia’s offense won’t be able to catch up once Oklahoma puts points on the board.

If Georgia is over bet in sportsbooks, agents should consider letting that money ride. Georgia starts a freshman QB. The defense over pursues, which should spell the end of Georgia’s run to a National Championship.

Prediction: Oklahoma 45, Georgia 24

Sugar Bowl

Jan. 1, 2018

4 Alabama -3 vs 1 Clemson +3

Clemson is the number one ranked team in the College Football Playoff. Unfortunately, the Tigers battle a team in the Alabama Crimson Tide that’s become the 2 to 1 favorite to win the College Football Playoffs.

In a way, Alabama’s loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl helped them. The Tide has gotten plenty of time to rest up for the CFP Sugar Bowl Semi-Final.

With rest, the Crimson Tide have the best chance of winning the College Football Playoff.

Clemson’s most impressive win was in Week 2 over the Auburn Tigers. Beating Miami in the ACC Championship was to be expected.  The problem for Clemson is that the win over the Tigers occurred in Week 2.

Clemson’s lone loss was to Syracuse. Syracuse is one of the worst football teams in the nation. If Clemson is over bet in sportsbooks, pay per head agents might just want to allow the money to ride.

If Alabama is over bet in sportsbooks, agents should utilize their lay off accounts.

The Tide should roll into the College Football Playoff National Championship.

Prediction: Alabama 38, Clemson 18

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